Agri Systems in the new UK supplier for Multibeck feeders, Pericoli fans, HRV Heat recovery ventilators and the complete range of all Climate Controls automation products.


The Multibeck feed pan adapts to suit different birds and the same pan can be used for broilers, ducks, quail & turkeys. The Multibeck pan keeps the feed fresh by keeping the birds out. Intestinal problems are reduced and the birds get the best possible start. It is hygienic, provides better access to feed with less waste and no soiled feed.


The HRV represents a simple and straightforward solution to heat recovery. Using separate fans for air inlet & extract, the HRV ventilates whilst transferring heat energy from the outgoing stale air to the incoming fresh air via a plate heat exchanger. This equates to a considerable energy saving as the incoming air is heated to around 70% of the internal air temperature.


Manufacturing products for the agricultural industry for over 50 years, Climate Controls manufacture automation equipment including rack & pinions, tube brackets and motor winches.


Rack & pinions and tube brackets are available in aluminium & steel, for 1” or ¾” tube and both are manufactured to customers specific requirements, also two piece repair pinions & tube brackets are available.


Motor Winches are manufactured with a variety of torques & speeds for ventilation, pop-holes and windows.


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