Elanco Animal Health will launch their ‘Forever Chicken’ campaign using #ProudOfOurChicken on Stand 6 in Hall 1, celebrating real people’s pride in the poultry industry. The campaign is part of wider stand activity where Elanco will also welcome its pig business clients.

Visitors will be encouraged to take a photograph of themselves at the stand and share it using the hashtag #ProudOfOurChicken following which they will be provided with a small gift.

#ProudOfOurChicken also addresses the use of ionophores, animal-only antimicrobials used to control coccidiosis; a ubiquitous disease that can occur at any stage in a growing bird’s life cycle.

Coccidiosis can cause enteritis leading to intestinal inflammation, reduced absorptive capacity, increased podo-dermatitis due to wet litter and the potential for increased mortality. The loss of Intestinal Integrity caused could contribute to an increased cost of 7 pence/broiler if ionophores were removed[i]. At this stage, ionophores are the most sustainable and economical solution to control coccidiosis.

Elanco’s goal is to keep birds healthy, maintaining health and welfare and a high level of Intestinal Integrity. The continued use of ionophores will enable us all to be part of this success. Head to Stand 6 in Hall 1 to show your support.



[i] Van der Sluis, W. 2000. “Clostridial enteritis is an often underestimated problem.” World Poultry. 16(7):42-43 and Williams, R. 1999. “A compartmentalized model for the estimation of the cost of coccidiosis to the world’s chicken production industry.” Int. Journ.for Parasitology. 29(8):1209-1229