Farmex will celebrate 25 years of the most used control system in UK pig production today with the launch of the next generation at the British Pig & Poultry Fair Stand 69Come and see us at the show and take a look at the new system!

The dicam range of controls has been so successful and has continued in use for 2.5 decades because of its brilliant flexibility and networking capability. The system has continuously responded to changing demands in the market place and is used for every stage of pig production and any ventilation, heating or cooling system. The dicam range promised to be future proof in 1993 and control innovations are still being incorporated.  builds on all that experience and becomes much more powerful and flexible – to be ready for the next 25 years! More communications capability has been added, more computing power, reliable remote connection to the controls on farm using the free to use app, integration of data from other systems and best of all…the new controls are compatible with the old ones! An easy and cost effective upgrade to an existing control network will bring most of the advantages of the new system. This means you go on getting fantastic value from your original investment just like we promised you would! So come and talk to the people you can trust and take a look at the future of control systems for farmers.