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Egg Forums

  1. 14:30

    Egg Outlook – helping you plan ahead

    Topping the bill, the ever-popular Egg Outlook will give producers the chance to hear what leaders from different parts of the egg supply chain see as the challenges and opportunities ahead. Tom Willings, Supply Chain Director at Stonegate will outline what the retailers are requiring from packers and where they see the opportunities ahead for British eggs on the shelves. Tom will be joined by Rebecca Tonks from St Ewe Eggs who will share her views from a producer point of view. Mark Williams from the BEIC will give an update on the Lion code, consumer perceptions and egg sales. Chaired by Aimee Mahony, NFU Chief Poultry Advisor the Outlook forum will provide valuable insight for everyone in the egg sector.

  2. 15:30

    Water, Water everywhere; is it okay to drink?

    In a forum dedicated to water quality for layers, Ian Lowry from Crowshall Vets will explain how improving water quality can have a direct effect on bird performance. “It is not easy to manage good water quality in a practical farm environment,” says Ian and he will share some practical tips on how you can improve water quality in your sheds.

  3. 16:00

    What does Net Zero look like for free range eggs?

    Producers wondering what Net Zero carbon means for them will be keen to hear the results of a recent BFREPA commissioned research project by Promar. The project has carbon footprinted two units, one flat deck and one multi deck, to identify the source and level of carbon emissions. The speakers will outline the findings and what this means for egg producers looking to understand and reduce their own carbon footprint.