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Pig Forums

  1. 11:30

    Pig Outlook – predictions for the year ahead

    Topping the bill is the popular Pig Outlook Forum which will be chaired by Mike Sheldon from the AHDB Pork Board, giving producers the chance to hear what leaders from different parts of the supply chain see as the challenges and opportunities ahead for pigs. Sophie Throup, Head of Agriculture at Morrisons, will outline what the retailer sees as the future of British pork on their shelves. Sophie will be joined by Andrew Saunders from Pilgrim’s Pride and Rob Mutimer NPA Chairman, who will give the processor and producer points of view.

  2. 12:30

    Optimising sow and pre-weaning piglet performance

    In a forum on optimising sow and pre-weaning piglet performance Dutch expert Chris Opschoor from Topigs Norsvin, will be welcomed by Fair partners ABN to share with producers how the nutritional needs of the hyper-prolific sow change with productivity level and how feeding to meet these needs ensures piglets thrive, both in her current litter but also following litters. Chris will be joined by Kristian Volshøj from AB Neo to share practical management tips to ensure piglets survive and thrive in large litters. Forum will be chaired by ABN’s Steve Jagger.

  3. 13:15

    Ammonia: What’s coming, how to prepare and funding opportunities

    Producers concerned about pig ammonia emission limits, with the forthcoming changes to the Environmental Permitting Regulations, will want to hear Philippa outline why air quality is important and detail what producers will have to comply with. Big Dutchman will showcase ways producers can mitigate ammonia emissions on farm and help meet the regulatory requirements.