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  1. 09:00

    Poultry Meat Outlook – what should you be planning for?

    Poultry Meat Outlook

    Topping the bill will be the ever popular Poultry Meat Outlook, enabling producers to hear from industry experts from across the supply chain. The panel will include Sophie Throup from Morrisons, David Neilson from Avara Foods and producer Jonty Hay. Each will outline what they see as the challenges and opportunities ahead, followed by a panel discussion. Brian Kenyon from ABN will be chairing the outlook, who believes after the difficult year poultry has had, there is room for cautious optimism. “When the UK went into lockdown last year the hospitality sector shut down overnight, with a huge impact on wholesale. Now, the industry is watching to see what happens next. Where will the demand be? Will people eat out again or continue to eat in the home?” Discussions are likely to revolve around sustainability and changing welfare demands, predicts Mr Kenyon. “We need to strike a balance in terms of setting targets and what the industry can realistically achieve.” New Red Tractor standards might include compulsory windows in poultry sheds and lower stocking rates, while retailers will likely be looking at net zero and replacements for soya in poultry diets.

  2. 10:00

    Success with the slower growing bird

    Consumers are increasingly demanding higher welfare conditions for farmed livestock – and poultry is no different. The public wants outdoor-reared or extensively stocked chicken, so how can producers deliver that? Patrick Nicholls from Hubbard Breeders will be focusing on the right genetics for success with the slower growing bird, while producer Charles Bourns will speak from experience and share some on farm management tips.

  3. 10:45

    Poultry – On farm hatching for welfare and performance

    Hear how Crown have moved to 100% on-farm-hatching and producers are benefiting from the welfare improvements and more importantly consistent performance. Chaired by Jake Davies, Poultry Network, Erik Hoeven, General Manager at NestBorn discusses an innovative on-farm hatching concept that significantly improves the level of welfare and health of broilers.