British Pig &
Poultry Fair

12-13 May 2020

British Pig & Poultry Fair

12-13 May 2020
Stoneleigh, Warwickshire


Forum Programme 2020 – Advice and ideas to stay ahead

The Forums run on both days of the Fair. The Forums theatre is located adjacent to Hall 3.

  1. 10:00
  2. 11:00

    Pig Outlook – preparing for the road ahead

    Hear from two industry specialists on the outlook for the pig sector and the challenges and opportunities you need to be ready for.

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  3. 12:00
  4. 13:00

    Measuring your poultry business to improve performance

    In this forum, we will talk about how to collect data that is most valuable to you and use it to your advantage. We will look at examples of good practice where improved performance, increased profitability and an enhanced operation have all come as a result of collecting and using the right data.

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  5. 14:00

    End2End Traceability – unlock the power of data for pigs

    For the first time, farmers can follow every step that each pig takes from birth to slaughter, with health, growth and carcase data, plus DNA details to help them make production decisions and for end consumers to feel completely confident.

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  6. 15:00