British Pig &
Poultry Fair

12-13 May 2020

British Pig & Poultry Fair

12-13 May 2020
Stoneleigh, Warwickshire


Merlin water treatment/sanitising system

Contained benefits of clean water for all

Outdoor herds can now acidify supplies

Delivering a consistent supply of clean, good quality water to every pig on a farm can be challenging, but a pioneering water treatment system that’s being launched at the British Pig and Poultry Fair by Con-Tented Products could solve this problem and offer opportunities to improve pig health and performance

Developed by Clean Water International (CWI), the Merlin Clean Water System, is an innovative, self-contained total water management system, that will accurately dose and maintain drinking water supplies to ensure that all pigs receive 100% clean water at all times. It is supplied complete with Brenntag biocides and organic acids within an encapsulated portable, steel container. The system simply ‘plumbs in’ to the mains/bore hole supply and once set up is ready-to-use. No capital investment is required as CWI installs and manages the system it and replenishes all the sanitising/treatment products as and when required.

 Tom Neat from Con-Tented Products believes it could revolutionise water hygiene and quality standards on pig farms, particularly outdoor units. He says, water hygiene and quality is coming under the spotlight as it will have a pivotal role within antibiotic reduction and control strategies going forward. A sanitised drinking water supply is vital for health and will can help minimise microbial challenge.

“Many indoor units are now chemically treating their water supplies to prevent and minimise the risk of bacterial contamination. With Merlin, every outdoor herd has an opportunity to sanitise and acidify their water supply and take advantages of the production benefits this offers,” he adds

He says the pigs sector needs to change its mindset about how it manages water supplies on farm and farmers also need to think carefully about how they measure water quality and how it can be maintained throughout the whole pipeline – from source to drinker.

“Merlin provides consistent chlorination and complete bacterial control so any bugs entering a pipeline through the nipple/drinker won’t proliferate, so the drinking remains clean and uncontaminated.” he explains.

A number of outdoor herds are now using Merlin and say pig health and vitality has improved noticeably since it was installed. A 5000-place free-range finishing site in Norfolk reports increased feed consumption, improved well-being and fewer enteric problems since it installed a system and started acidifying its water supplies for four months.

Producers visiting the Fair can find out more about the CWI’s Merlin water treatment package and the range of Brenntag products it uses to sanitise and acidify drinking water on Con-Tented’s stand, number 172, in the outside plaza.

The company will be exhibiting a portable containerised unit, like those installed on outdoor units, throughout the event, along with its range of Clean-water drinkers and tanks and rota- moulded plastic farrowing arks and equipment.



Picture captions

Photo 1 – The Merlin clean water system is an encapsulated portable, water treatment plant that suitable for all pig units.

Photo 2 – High-tech water treatment without hassle. Merlin is a pioneering clean water management system which could help pig producers improve FCR and reduce medication levels on indoors and outdoor units.



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