British Pig &
Poultry Fair

12-13 May 2020

British Pig & Poultry Fair

12-13 May 2020
Stoneleigh, Warwickshire


A new air scrubber and climate control system is helping poultry farmers across England and Wales gain planning permits for expansion.

Worcestershire, United Kingdom: IPT Technology Ltd, heating and cooling specialists, have designed and manufactured a 4-in-1 heating, cooling, ventilation and air scrubbing system that can reduce ammonia and odour emissions from poultry sheds by up to 90%.

The VentMax units have already helped H Timmis, a poultry farm in Shropshire, to expand its broiler site from 200,000 to 300,000 birds.  The units were specified on their two new additional broiler sheds, along with GeoCube ground source heat pumps and underfloor heating and cooling – also provided by IPT.

The technology has huge implications for broiler and layer poultry farms across the UK. Chickens produce ammonia and odour emissions that can be harmful to themselves and to eco-systems surrounding farms.  In areas where there is a high density of poultry farms, owners are seeing their planning applications delayed and sometimes rejected due to tighter controls over ammonia emissions.  These restrictions are in response to a growth in poultry farming in recent years.  Both the Environment Agency (EA) and Natural Resources Wales (NRW) are acting to reduce the threat ammonia can have to certain plant life and to protect bio-diversity.

VentMax units are installed externally to poultry sheds and filter all exhausted air, removing dust particles and reducing ammonia and odour emissions by up to 90%.

But the air scrubbing system is only part of VentMax’s functionality. As John Gill from IPT Technology explains, “There are other air scrubbers available on the market, however VentMax offers additional benefits in terms of improving the internal shed conditions for the birds.  As well as cleaning the outgoing air, the units also filter the incoming air and provide controlled ventilation and temperatures throughout the sheds”.

VentMax units closely control the air pressure, air movement and temperature of the sheds providing the optimum conditions for bird comfort and consequently productivity.  Whilst the optimum temperature for a layer farm remains stable around 21-23°C, the heat demand in broiler sheds always starts high and gradually falls according to the stage of the birds’ growth cycle.

Farm Owner Rob Timmis explains, “VentMax adjusts according to outdoor weather conditions to deliver the required set shed temperature.  This winter VentMax delivered a constant, regulated indoor environment with temperature drifts no higher than +/- 0.5 degrees, despite challenging weather conditions”.

The system also has impressive cooling capabilities. John continues, “Often in hot weather farmers have to turn on noisy and breezy fan ventilation systems which can upset the birds, affecting their eating habits and growth rates. VentMax will regulate the shed temperature and remove the need for tunnel ventilation, maintaining a calm and controlled environment.

“Improved shed ventilation also helps stop humidity that can reduce the quality of litter, thus removing the burden and cost of spreading additional bedding and reducing the risk of the birds getting hock burn”.

Rob concludes “Bird welfare is very important to us and we constantly strive to optimise the internal conditions of our units.  We’re very impressed with the level of control we have over the temperature and humidity in our sheds with VentMax. We’re already seeing improvements in the internal environment compared to our other sheds and there’s potential to optimise our crop performance further”.


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About IPT Technology Ltd

IPT Technology Ltd designs, manufactures and installs innovative heating and cooling plant that solves real commercial challenges.  Our product range continues to expand, with the GeoCube, VentMax and OptiRad systems all designed with the agricultural industry in mind.

We have an enviable track record delivering commercial and agricultural design and build projects.  From conception to completion, we make sure every project is on time and within budget.

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We design and manufacture all our products from our state-of-the-art production facility in Bromsgrove. Because our designers, production team and service engineers collaborate together on one site, we can deliver quality-engineered products, bespoke solutions and a seamless service.

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Once installed, our commitment to quality continues, with our comprehensive aftercare service programmes. These include a technical helpline, on call duty engineers, planned maintenance, remote system checks and performance reports.

IPT is part of the IET Group (Integrated Eco Technologies) which includes:

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  • ExCool: market-leading advanced data centre cooling
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