Saving energy and optimising the climate inside a barn are top priorities for every poultry farmer. The  SnookSuperior Indirect Fired Gas Heater by Multiheat outperforms our previous S’nook**.

Using an indirect fired gas heater could save up to 30% on your energy bill*. It produces dry warm air (less ammonia) and doesn’t spread any CO2 inside your barn. The SnookSuperior is a reinvention of the existing S’nook and takes indirect fired gas heating to the next level. Using the latest fabrication technologies, the body of the unit is made of stainless steel and all electronic parts are protected inside an IP55 plastic unit.

The SnookSuperior is our latest invention and helps you create the perfect climate, compared to its predecessor it’s improved on more than numerous points, such as:

  • 50% less electric energy consumption
  • 6% more air volume production
  • ‘Class A’ German Quality fan
  • More efficient heat exchanger
  • Dust-free electronic compartment
  • Compact unit size

Multiheat International is a well-established designer and manufacturer of warm water heaters, heat exchangers and gas heaters, serving thousands of poultry farmers all over the world. We pride ourselves in outstanding customer service, top quality and market leading products.

Please visit us on stand 251 where our staff is happy to explain you all the ins- and outs on this novelty.

Multiheat International, by farmers, for farmers.


* Compared to direct gas heaters

** Compared to Standard S’nook 100 kW